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Well “Looking Good” Sounds Great

Good looking, clean, easy to read and navigate are all important components to consider. But It will not get You Listed in the search engines

But Looks Should Be The Least Important Consideration

What good, is the best looking cleverest website on the planet if nobody can find it?

I know that statement is a bit extreme but I know that you can see the point that I am making.

Performance Should Be Your Primary Concern

My specialty is getting sites listed on the first page of Google and other search engines organic search with SEO Brisbane. Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast are my Local MarketsSEO Brisbane

Yes I design and build web sites.

But I specialize in getting Your site to rank highly and multiple times in the search engines with SEO Brisbane.

Do you think that people finding your site in one or more of the first search positions would be good for your business?

Just think about it people in your area searching for your products or services, but they have never heard of you or done business with you before.

Why Do You Need an Internet Presence

More and more people are heading to their computers to research and make their buying decisions.

In fact it easier to find the computer, than find the yellow pages, in most home and business, today.

We are now in a generation that has grown up with mobile phones, computers and internet access. To them they are no longer modern technology, because they have always been there.

How times and habits have changed, this new generation of customers won’t answer a phone unless they know who is calling. Making, it harder and harder for telemarketers to survive.

More and More People Are Getting Their News From The Internet.

News papers are becoming less and less effective for many business categories

There are so many ways of getting the news, or should I say things that are of interest to the individual, tailor made and delivered at no cost and so conveniently (the business section has gone missing because some used it to wrap some broke glass and put it out with the rubbish)

What’s Happening With Television

More and more people are using record on demand devices so they fast forward through the advertisements.

I just make sense! Record the shows and programs that you want to watch so you never miss any in a series and while you are viewing fast forward through the adverts. In many cases you can save 15 to 20 minutes of your valuable time, per hour.

Well What About Radio You Might Ask

Radio took a big dive with the introduction of television and has found its own place and level in the market place

I personally believe that radio will be the least affected by the surge of advertising dollars being moved from other media to the internet.

But unfortunately as progress levels the playing field once again by giving consumer more choice even radio will feel some pain.

Move or Lose

Business who don’t have an easily findable internet presence are going to steadily loose ground againstWeb Site Design Sunshine Coast savvy business that know that they need to move with the times.

What More Do I Need to Say?

It’s not going to get any easier to secure and hold the top positions in your market place.

In Fact It is Only Going to Get Harder.

If you recognize the importance of moving with the times, to grow your business, then you need me or someone like me who specializes in keeping up with the latest trends in internet search development and in doing so, keeping my clients way in front of their competitors.

Here is What I Can Do for You with SEO Brisbane

  • Get Your Site Listed on The First Page of major Search Engines within 30 days
  • Build Your Web site
  • Work With Your Existing Website
  • Host Your Site For You
  • Only Work With You for Your Specific Keywords and Location [for contracted time]
  • Design Web Site With a Purpose
  • Install Lead Generation Tools
  • Automate Response
  • Create a Website That You can easily edit
  • or Fully Service Your Site [as contracted]
  • Sell You A DIY Kit [ I can supply you with a full set of video tutorial covering all you need to know]
  • And So Much More

Make a Start Today

Don’t leave it any longer make a start Today.

“He who hesitates has lost!”

Big bold statement, well maybe not.

Positions Are Limited

At the moment the primary limitation is the size of this business and the volume we can handle.SEO Sunshine Coast

The next consideration is that we will only do business with one business per category, so that there will not be any conflict of interest when competing for keywords

So If your Category is Taken Sorry we will not be able to help you.


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